Two simple words

…that capture an approach that enables us to build brands into marketing platforms for the future.

Mammoth is a creatively-led, digitally focused agency challenging brands to differentiate with confidence and engage with conviction.

We start by getting under the skin of our clients, by exploring relevant content, data, insight, stories and research. This information we use to challenge clients to think about their marketplace from a different angle.

Simplifying the complex

Our 20 years’ experience of partnering with large complex organisations in the B2B and B2C sector, means we are fine tuned to work in collaboration in every area of business - across disciplines, countries and cultures. The unique insights we gather help us shape strategy, define the message, capture it in the brand, and take this spirit to the world.

To deliver impact and growth

Everything we do is focussed towards accelerating our clients’ growth journeys. And as a team we are engineered to deliver commercially-driven brand experiences across multiple communications touchpoints.

Our Senior Team

Managing Partner

Paul Martin

Managing Partner

Jeremy Poots

Director, London

Huw Paisley

Creative Director

Matt Evans

Content Director

Eyram Seneadza

Design Director

Adam Wilson

Director of Strategic Planning & Insight

Joanne McKendry

Finance Director

Lesley Williamson

Operations Director

Allen Erskine

Education Services Director

Jamie Armstrong

Head of PR & Influencer Engagement

Gemma Louise Bond

Digital Performance Director

Ben Williams

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