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GRAHAM is a 200 year old, privately-owned national company with 2000+ employees that specialises in the delivery of building, civil engineering, interior fit-out, facilities management and investment projects.

When we met with them they were looking to double their annual turnover within 3 years from £500M to £1BN, but their board felt the Graham brand was holding them back. It was tired, outdated and no longer reflected the strength and confidence they had as an organisation internally or the size and scale in which they operate externally.


Our brief was to get under the skin of their company and work with all of their major operating divisions, sectors and regions across the UK so as to define a brand position at the heart of Graham that would set them apart from others.

We needed to make Graham a customer focused business – respected for its people, collaboration, performance, and its positive lasting human impact.


Through our insights gathering phase we discovered a clear thread: Graham people go above and beyond in every situation, are renown for being first on site and last off, hardwired to challenge convention and work in collaboration to deliver a lasting impact – on every project across every sector they operate in.

These findings helped us form a core purpose, a statement of intent that binds everyone together to do more and achieve more. Delivering lasting impact.


Our brand identity concept was based on answering two questions, ‘What have we delivered?’ and ‘Why does it matter?’

Leading to a very simple but effective concept that symbolised the before and after of every Graham project and formed the basis for our enduring brand identity and design system, created to represent the visible difference they make to the communities we live in.

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