18th May 2020

Caring for our death care workers – a global message of thanks

Often overlooked, death care professionals across the world tirelessly put themselves in harms way to support the families they serve during COVID-19.

We were approached by our client PlotBox to create an emotive piece of content to say ‘thank you’ to the thousands of death care professionals around the world who provide a vital service to the families left behind after a COVID-19 fatality.

With healthcare systems coming under huge pressure since the Coronavirus outbreak, many working at the other end of the spectrum have been overlooked. The reality is that the death care profession has come under similar strains, having to cope with a huge surge in demand for the services they provide – not only burials and cremations, but the emotional support they give to family members throughout the process. The inability to give a warm hug or shoulder to cry on those final moments is greatly missed by everyone in the profession.

Mammoth’s in-house content team were able to take the brief through to final edit within a matter of days. The video is currently being shared across the death care community, in the hope of raising awareness for this vital service and saying a heartfelt Thank You.

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