17th May 2018

GRAHAM – The £1Billion Rebrand

After an extensive re-brand project, we’ve recently launched the new GRAHAM brand for this leading UK construction company.

With a turnover of almost £800m, over 2,500 staff, more than 100 UK-wide live projects and £1.1bn in its order book, Graham have grown into a major player in the UK construction and Civil Engineering industry. They are a dynamic force in their sector, constantly innovating to create bespoke solutions that answer the challenges of communities and society as a whole.

Despite the consistent growth of the company Graham are determined to expand further. In 2016, key corporate goals were put in place to deliver £1bn in revenue by 2020 and move into the top quartile of industry profitability performance. With that aspiration in place, Graham knew they had to address their brand presence and positioning in line with the huge ambition of the company.

We partnered with Graham to define the true essence of their company and the difference they make to the world we live in. The new brand was then launched across an extensive range of marketing collateral and via a new website.



To see more, visit the Graham Website.

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