11th March 2019

Marketing Lamb to Millennials in 4 EU Countries

Promoting Lamb to a Millennial Audience across 4 European countries? This €9m, 3 year contract promises to do just that.

To overcome the decline of lamb consumption in millennials aged 25-35 we partnered with 3 other agencies from within the CONFRAD international agency alliance network, to create a fully integrated Pan European campaign.

Using insight

Consumers are looking for quick and easy recipes that are ‘Flavoursome’, ‘Healthy’, with ‘Little Clean Up required’. There is a rise in demand for online, easy to find content from recognised chefs.

Tech savvy Millennials look for tasty treats at the weekend but are likely to eat healthier during the week. Recipes and tone should reflect this.

Our approach

An Omnichannel 360 campaign running across out of home, press, social, digital and an influencer strategy to reach the target audience.

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