28th January 2021

Key marketing themes driving growth in 2021: Brand Reputation & Digital Transformation

Mammoth’s Managing Partner Jeremy Poots has featured in business publications offering his perspective on the key drivers of business growth for companies in 2021.

For many organisations, marketing was put on hold in 2020. Much like everything in the world. And it seems that 2021 greets us with much the same trepidation. However, two certainties that we are seeing emerge in marketing themes (after a year when we were driven into isolation and further online than ever before) are that companies which have the strongest brands and best digital ecosystems will stimulate higher loyalty from their audiences and ultimately flourish more than their competitors. And notably this is as true in the B2B space, as it is in the fast moving B2C arena.

The dramatic and accelerated ‘pivot to digital’ may be forever.

Those that are waiting for the ‘world to go back to the way it used to be’ in marketing terms are in trouble. 2021 will cement this fact…as we witness companies having to adapt or die. Event companies moving to hybrid versions with a special few attending in person and the majority via Zoom; fashion boutiques selling direct-to-consumer by Facetime appointment; chef demos and mixology classes by Whatsapp and House Party…small fast innovative routes to market to keep the wheels turning will become the new norm.

‘Performance marketing’ surges as the new battleground.

The use of ‘big data’ to serve us adverts and track our every online move or ‘Ask Alexa’, is a phenomenal world powered and steered by the algorithms and data scientists of Google, Facebook and Amazon. Those tantalising 6 repeat adverts that trail your every social channel until you submit to purchase are here to stay. We have witnessed this trend via our own in-house Performance & Data Team, where B2B corporates are harnessing this to download a product white paper…in much the same way a sports brand will trail you to buy new trainers.

Brands must be ‘digital first’, capture spirit and emanate trust.

Having a corporate or product brand that is ‘true’, ‘genuine’ and ‘engaged’ with its audiences (particularly leveraging digital and social channels) has been dramatically amplified in 2020. For example, when Mammoth was tasked with creating a new global brand for Ed Sheeran & Lowden Guitars in just 4 months and launch it at the largest global guitar event in LA – it was built around these same two pillars : creating a strong brand and leveraging the power of digital to drive awareness and sales growth. In practical terms, this meant creating a story behind the brand that would resonate and making video content that that could be used by the social and performance teams. We shot footage of Sheeran at the factory near Downpatrick, playing the guitars and talking with George Lowden (the designer and manufacturer of all Sheeran’s guitars, including this new guitar range, ‘Sheeran by Lowden’). These multiple pockets of video and ‘insta’ content were the ammunition needed to ensure it made it onto BBC, CNN, NY Times and Rolling Stone the next day.

Brand Image & Digital Ecosystem – platform for growth in 2021

This will be the year where organisations of all shapes, sizes and sectors will seek an ‘extraordinary’ return on their marketing investment. Marketing spend will need to be strategically mapped out against defined audiences and targeted with clear tactics that have specific KPIs and targets. Again, this will push ‘digital’ and ‘paid performance’ into a league of its own for transparency and ability to pivot and react instantly to improve results. Running multiple different ads at the same time to monitor best reactions; retargeting customers on social channels; establishing end-to-end customer acquisition strategies and defining ‘customer acquisition models’…all of these will become commonplace marketing speak in the months ahead. And makes it clear that ‘brand + digital’ will cement their position as two of the most important pillars for growth in marketing in 2021.

Mammoth’s Managing Partner Jeremy Poots has featured in business publications to share his perspective on what the key drivers for business growth will be for companies in 2021.

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