2nd July 2018

New UK client: Alacrity Group

Episteme are a leading UK managed solutions company based outside Birmingham.

We have been appointed to create the new brand for recently re-named training company, Episteme, to Alactrity Group.They specialise in a number of workforce training areas and seek to simplify the current, complicated business sector. To be disruptive, Episteme needed to invigorate their brand and clearly differentiate their offering.

Mammoth worked with the senior Episteme team to rebrand the parent company and also deliver a brand and naming structure that encompasses their four distinct business divisions.

The brand device for the newly named Alacrity Group consists of two circles that appear in the brand mark. There is a flexibility in how they can be used – the circles can interact with the design, roaming around any format and varying in size and positioning in order to add a level of dynamism and adaptability that is reflective of the dynamic and adaptive people within the Alacrity Group.

Each division required its own unique look and feel, yet had to retain the brand platform that was distinctly Alacrity Group.

The Mammoth digital team launched the re-brand via a new Alacrity Group website and are continuing to build divisional websites for each business unit.

Visit the Alacrity Group website.





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