1st May 2020

We Tip Our Cap to You, Captain Tom

To help Captain (now Colonel) Tom Moore raise more vital funds for his extraordinary NHS campaign, we were delighted to produce this short thank you video on behalf of NHS Charities Together as a national social media campaign across multiple channels.

The rationale for the campaign was based on creating a short, emotive and shareable social media “thank you message” to thank Captain Tom for all his efforts for the NHS. So we wrote a fitting and poignant poem and we asked James Nesbitt to apply his usual narrative magic to bring it to life.

The video was released in the run up to Captain Tom’s 100th birthday to act as a thank you message as well as spurring any late donations towards helping him achieve his £30m fundraising target.

Unsurprisingly national media coverage was quick to follow with many leading outlets sharing the video. The video has now reached over 1.5 million people, been viewed over 500,000 times across multiple channels, posts and media outlets and had over 10,000 click throughs to donate – much higher than average click rates and engagement. We were delighted to see this helped Colonel Tom surpass his £30m fundraising mark on his 100th birthday!

The original video on social media can be seen HERE

If you would like to support the campaign, you can do so HERE

From everyone at Mammoth, thank you to our NHS staff and to Captain Tom – we all tip our cap to you.

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