Our Process

For us, disruptive thinking is about creating a platform to differentiate with confidence. It starts with building our knowledge and understanding and then challenges our clients to look at and think about the marketplace they work in from a different angle. We are a creatively-led, digitally focused agency challenging brands to fulfil their full potential.

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Step 1

Business Understanding

Our starting point is about gaining an understanding of your organisation and the business landscape that you work in. We work in partnership with you through briefing sessions, focus groups and workshops to uncover your challenges, points of difference and what drives you forward.

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Step 2

The Customer

Who is your customer, how can we connect with them and drive their choices? Putting the customer at the centre of your marketing strategy guides your brands development and ultimately influences every touch-point of your output.

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Step 3

Brand Purpose

Defining the reason a brand exists. We help identify values, attributes and core vision to create a powerful brand idea that unites colleagues, creates differentiation and drives competitive advantage.

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Step 4

Brand Expression

Shaping the way brand expresses itself. We create the compelling narrative that defines businesses, products and services. Hand in hand with that, we design a visual identity system that works across every brand experience you create… online and offline.

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Step 5

Brand Action

We create the tools and assets that bring your brand to life. From brand guidelines to your website and digital marketing; video & animation content creation; social strategy and planning to TV, out-of-home and print collateral. We create a platform to engage with your audience with consistency and strength across multiple channels.

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Our Process

Brand differentiation happens when you ask the questions that matter and connect business understanding to creative thinking. Only then can you discover and define the brand story that inspires your people and engages your audience.

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