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The University of East Anglia is was established in 1963 on an award-winning 320-acre campus west of Norwich city centre. It has four faculties and 26 schools of study.

We support their Outreach team at Norwich on their mission to encourage young people from under-represented backgrounds, to inspire the belief that higher education is a pathway to future success, for everyone, whatever their background.


are at the forefront of the movement to widen participation in higher education, and with Mammoth as their lead creative and strategic partner, young people are better able to see their first steps towards a successful future.


is a powerful and creative example of how we can use the climate emergency to engage with young people who may feel they have no tangible means of helping to combat perhaps the biggest existential threat of our age.

Through a detailed programme of communications, we inform and empower young people to come forward with opinions, thoughts and ideas on what needs to be done to reverse climate change.

Students benefit from a digital suite of undergraduate resources, parent and carer resources, a mature student brand identity, a youth climate change campaign and accessibility strategies. All designed to give them the skills and confidence they need to take action and inspire change within their own communities.

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