Bright Energy

Powered by the good stuff.

Making Bright Shine.

Bright had a plan to bring greener energy to everyone. Armed only with a name and a vision, they challenged us to develop a brand that would bring this idea to life.

Power to the People

While most of us are passionate about a sustainable future, we aren’t passionate about our energy provider. By putting people in control of their energy, Bright were creating a service that allowed people to protect the planet while saving time and money. We needed a brand that reflected this offering.

Our aim was to create a brand that felt dynamic, contemporary and accessible.
A brand built for the future.

A ‘B’ that’s bursting with energy

Bright is a tech first company with energy at the heart of everything they do, and the logo we created is no different. Made to stand out from the usual logos found in the energy sector, it packs personality and animates with ease – representing the current that runs through everything that Bright do.

A bold voice for Bright ideas

Our biggest challenge was to overcome the public apathy towards energy brands. We wanted Bright to feel like a brand that was interested in more than just energy, it was a brand focused on the future. We developed a tone of voice that allowed us to speak to the public in a way that felt grounded, genuine and warm. A brand that felt always bright, never dull.

Typography, with a human touch

Meet MT Megan, Bright’s bespoke typeface. Hand-drawn in-house at Mammoth, by digital designer Megan, this face brings an honest and playful voice to the brand to make energy more relatable.

Colours, chosen by nature

From solar to wind, bio and hydro, each of the brand colours were inspired by the natural sources Bright use to harness the power of green energy.

Power in your palm

Naturally the digital experience needed to reflect the brand. So we created an app that was easy to engage with, intuitive, and gave users complete control of their contract from the palm of their hand. We created a website with a bespoke quote journey that enables customers to switch their energy supplier to Bright in a matter of minutes – helping them to save money, and save the planet.

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