Fuelling Opportunity.

Catalyst has a long-term vision to create a community of innovators so powerful, its people can change the world. So, our brand needed to reflect that ambition and optimism, showcasing Catalyst as a collaborative enterprise experience that allows amazing minds to do amazing things.

Catalyst exists to fuel opportunity.

Our starting point with the team was to determine what lies at the heart of Catalyst and why it matters. We found Catalyst is much more than just bricks and mortar. It’s an entrepreneurial eco-system that fosters innovative thinking and helps knowledge-based companies learn from each other, develop new ways of thinking and gain from commercial opportunities through collaboration with each other.

It’s a workspace ecosystem of entrepreneurs, start-ups and large scale companies that fuels opportunity for everyone – regardless of size or sector.

A brand proposition to attract world-class entrepreneurial talent.

‘Fuelling Opportunity’ is an empowering statement that embodies Catalyst’s innovative thinking and the commercial opportunities that Catalyst can help start-ups, companies and multi-nationals with.

Brand Architecture

We established a brand architecture for Catalyst with a core internal purpose, brand values and pillars of excellence. The pillars of excellence form the foundation of Catalyst’s marketing themes.

The brand values will be brought to life through these marketing themes to influence perception and drive growth.

This brand architecture helps build a consistent narrative that defines how we want people to think about Catalyst when they interact with the brand and sets a benchmark that helps us create the brand experience that matches the brand vision that Catalyst has for the organisation.

Brand Values

Be Bold

Act With Integrity

Be Passionate

Sheeran Sheeran


A connected community whose ideas fuel opportunity for future generations; an entrepreneurial ecosystem energised by inspirational physical workspaces that cannot be found anywhere else in Europe.


Agile Workspace

Innovative workspaces with state-of-the-art technology, infused with energy, creativity and possibility all within our next generation infrastructure.


Innovate Together

Like-minded people who are driven to use innovation to transform their business. Catalyst opens up a world for amazing minds to do amazing things.


Connected Community

The support of researchers, experienced entrepreneurs, executives and investors united to help make our most promising entrepreneurs more successful.


Catalyst Life

From workshops and networking events to chess clubs and burrito trucks, Catalyst understands the importance of unwinding and the positive impact wellbeing has on success.

Core Internal Purpose / Brand Vision

A community of innovators so powerful, its people can change the world


Establishing a messaging framework that resonates with all Catalyst audiences.

We developed a tone of voice and a messaging framework that enabled Catalyst to interact with a wide range of audiences: staff, mentors, researchers, entrepreneurs, Generation Z, the NI business community, government and change-makers on a global stage.

Using our marketing themes Agile Workspace, Innovate Together, Connected Community and Catalyst Life, we developed a series of bold brand statements “I Am Catalyst”, “We Are Catalyst” and “This Is Catalyst”. These brand statements are the embodiment of our brand architecture and launched the new brand with a bold passion that is reflective of the organisation.

Sheeran Sheeran

A dynamic and flexible grid system that reflects Catalyst’s collaborative connected community

Providing structure in any format, on any platform, the idea of a striking yellow line that connects the words of a headline stems from the dynamic connected community at Catalyst.

We developed a line that can move up, down, forward and back to represent the journey of a business idea. The striking visual of how the line influences and impacts the position of the words creates a powerful visual language.

Sheeran Sheeran

A dynamic cross-platform brand launch to ignite ambition

Our brand, digital and content teams worked together to bring the new brand to life across multiple marketing touchpoints, matching the dynamism and ambition that Catalyst have for growth.


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