Reinventing Chest Heart & Stroke as a life force for people living and affected by Chest Heart and Stroke illnesses.

Everyday in Northern Ireland more than 20 people die from a chest, heart or stroke related illness. That’s over 7,500 people a year, which in turn when you consider family and friends directly affects around 200,000 people every year. These illnesses kill more people in Northern Ireland than every type of cancer combined. And in a small country like ours, that’s a pretty shocking statistic.

Our research told us that while people were aware of Chest Heart and Stroke as a charity, they were confused about exactly what they did in local communities. There had been an influx of large national charities resulting in greater competition and more importantly their income had fallen while their cost of services was rising due to an increase in demand.

Our remit was to increase brand awareness and position Chest Heart & Stroke as Northern Ireland’s unique support network for chest heart and stroke illnesses. Inherent in this positioning would be the ability to increase front of mind awareness of Chest Heart & Stroke as a local Northern Ireland charity that works across the entire province.

Our work centered around two key elements. The first was creating a strong and meaningful brand positioning statement that embodies Chest Heart & Stroke's voice to the different audiences it interacts with. The second was the creation of a new visual identity and fresh brand styling that would be bold and impactful with the ability to stand out strongly against the rest of the charity sector.

Chest Heart & Stroke

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