Fraser Millar

Homes For Your Way of Life.

In a changing marketplace, where housing development companies have become lifestyle brands, we were tasked with defining and creating an identity for Fraser Millar that was so differentiated from its competitors, consumers would seek it out.

New home buyers want reliability, character and choice. Our first step was to gain business understanding and immerse ourselves in the brand in order to identify that which personifies them as a company – that Fraser Millar arose from a trusted local company, with an unrivalled depth of experience, who understand the needs of every level of homebuyer.

They use their knowledge and years of know-how to create the best brand experience for every Fraser Millar customer.

We established a brand architecture that encompassed core values and core strengths that underpin how Fraser Millar work together with their suppliers and customers, whilst differentiating and helping them stand out from others through the formation of unique marketing themes.

Fraser Millar’s values and strengths reflect their passion and commitment to creating homes for customers that are unique to them and their taste. This helped define the key brand driver.

A brand identity that highlights the structural nature of the business while embracing a timelessly modern look.


The Fraser Millar identity was drawn on a 40 x 40 grid, the framework that forms the foundation of the entire brand. By reducing the initials of the company to a monogram, a strong connection was made between brand and what, in simplified terms, the company does; build structures.

This in turn represented that modern thinking and design behind the homes that Fraser Millar bring to the market. When combined with the logotype, the essence of trusted quality and dependability, which the Fraser Millar name is built on, is further enforced.

The Fraser Millar brand aesthetic is built on an extensive grid, which enables their strong, modern style to be communicated.

The 40 x 40 grid underpins the whole visual structure of the Fraser Millar brand. Its flexibility means that it can be adapted to work across multiple formats, from large scale outdoor advertising to social media.

The grid provides a structure for clean, modern designs to be built, which reflects the homes that Fraser Millar build. The grid allows for countless placement of elements, while still conforming to the overall brand look and feel, keeping brand outputs looking fresh and relevant.

A brand device, based on the angles taken from the monogram of the logo, was created, allowing for key headlines, information and imagery to be framed.

Creating new spaces where people can live, families can grow and communities can thrive, is at the heart of what Fraser Millar do. The brand system reflects these different spaces through its ability to move back and forth, expand and contract or grow or shorten, depending on the key information or imagery they are framing.

All of our communications appear in Campton. It’s clean and easily legible, reflecting the modern style of Fraser Millar’s homes. Only the four weights of extra light, book, medium and bold are used.

Creating Fraser Millar’s messaging platform to form consistent brand communications.

To ensure a consistent messaging structure, that tells the Fraser Millar story and which carries on from the brand driver of ‘Homes For Your Way of Life’, we created a range of messaging headlines to be used on brand communications.

We identified a number of different audiences who Fraser Millar provide homes for including; first time buyers, growing families, people looking to upgrade, those looking for sociably desirable areas.

‘Homes For’ became the declaration which the rest of our customer engaging statements are formed. ‘Homes For The First Time Buyers’, ‘Homes For Families To Grow’, ‘Homes For A Modern Way of Living’ and ‘Homes For You To Discover’ engage with our target audiences and capture the essence of the Fraser Millar brand.

A carefully considered colour palette that reflects the design principles of Fraser Millar.

The palette operates with a minimal selection of primary colours and is supported by a secondary palette consisting of colours that you would find in and around the home. The secondary palette is used sparingly, to give highlights of colour throughout the brand for important or standout information.

C30 M30 Y30 K90
R44 G41 B38

C0 M0 Y0 K0
R255 G255 B255

C0 M0 Y0 K50
R157 G157 B156

C0 M80 Y70 K0
R234 G80 B69

C100 M80 Y10 K50
R16 G39 B87

C60 M0 Y50 K0
R108 G190 B153

C0 M30 Y80 K0
R251 G188 B67

C50 M30 Y0 K0
R141 G166 B214

C5 M25 Y30 K10
R244 G189 B167

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