Graham Construction.

Delivering lasting impact.

Graham are one of the UK’s leading construction firms.

With over 2,500 staff, a turnover of almost £800m, more than 100 live projects across the UK and £1.1bn in its order book Graham have grown into a major force in the UK construction and Civil Engineering industry. They are a dynamic company in their sector, constantly innovating to create bespoke solutions that answer the challenges of communities and society as a whole. Their work goes far beyond building roads, hospitals or schools… it connects our communities, builds a better future for healthcare and education and maintains and transforms the places where we work, live and relax.


Despite the consistent growth of the company Graham are determined to go further. In 2016 they put key corporate goals in place to deliver £1bn in revenue by 2020 and move into the top quartile of industry profitability performance. And with that aspiration in place they knew they had to address their brand and positioning to match the ambition of the company. As a result they needed to engage with each division of their company across every discipline in every region of the UK. We partnered with Graham to define the true essence of their company and the difference they make to the world we live in.

Our Starting Point

Our starting point was a staff engagement process in the form of a wide range of focus groups from across the company, director level interviews and client interviews to help us.

  • Create a differentiated brand that is true to Graham
  • Build an increased awareness of Graham and what it stands for
  • Engage a positive perception across a wider target audience
  • Evidence the innovation and leadership in line with people and as a company
  • Position Graham as a world class organisation
  • Be more visible in an overloaded marketplace


We found that their people go above and beyond in every situation, that their family owned status and deep expertise built upon 200 years of heritage differentiated them others and that their ability to collaborate and lead enabled them to deliver added value and long term benefits to everything they did.

A school may be a building, but in reality it’s a hub for education teaching our next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders, a bridge connects two communities and a road opens up pathways for trade and industry… everything Graham do has a deep and lasting human impact. With services across construction, civil engineering, facilities management and fit-out Graham’s expertise touches hundreds of thousands of lives everyday across the UK and Ireland.

From this we defined their new proposition.

Graham Construction
Graham Construction
Graham Construction

Royal Commonwealth Pool, Edinburgh
For a generation of aspirer’s and champions

Creating a new brand identity

Our brand identity concept was based on answering two fundamental questions. What? and Why? On one side, what have we delivered and on the other, why does it matter… what’s the lasting human impact?

This led us to a very simple but effective concept which symbolised the before and after of every Graham project and formed the basis for our brand identity and design system.

Graham Construction

Forward momentum only

Creates a more distinct visual system
to position Graham as a major player.

Focused on a primary colour to build
a stronger brand recognition.

Graham Construction
Graham Construction
Graham Construction



Graham Construction


A Creative Platform for Design

We utilised the bright green leader of the brand identity as the key element in our design system, enabling it to flex, grow, multiply and move through any visual communication. This allows us to be creative and different through everything we do, but always distinctly Graham. And for a company with so many different visual touch points across, signage, hoardings, plant, digital and print, an ability to create a fresh take on every communication, but be true to your brand can really help to differentiate against competitors.

Graham Construction
Graham Construction

A Distinctive way of doing Business

Graham Construction


‘The GRAHAM way’ is a distillation of the best of what the company has long been combined with the best they can become. It is as much about attitude as anything else. There was a shared sense of what makes GRAHAM different but no way of communicating, sharing and embedding that spirit across the entire company. Our customer research and internal focus groups enabled us to define and articulate three core pillars that underpinned a business and structure delivered across the company and its divisions in their own unique GRAHAM way.

Graham Construction
Graham Construction
Graham Construction

Queens University

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