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Building Excellence.
Delivering Impact.
Facilitating Progress.

Our brief from GRAHAM was to get under the skin of their company and work with all of their major operating divisions, sectors and regions across the UK to define a brand position at the heart of Graham that would set them apart from others. This would be supported by core brand pillars, central messaging themes and a new identity and brand styling across the entire remit of their output.

Graham’s brand was tired and outdated, it no longer reflected the strength and confidence they had as an organisation internally or the size and scale in which they operate externally. Our mission was to make Graham a customer focused business respected for its people, collaboration, performance, and its positive lasting human impact.

We partnered with Graham to define the true essence of their company and the difference they make to the world we live in.

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Our workshops discovered that Graham’s people go above and beyond in every situation, and that their family owned status and deep expertise built upon 200 years of heritage differentiates them from others. This, coupled with their ability to collaborate and instinctively lead from the front enables them to deliver added value and long term benefits in everything they do.

Graham is a national team of 2,000+ people always challenging convention, working in collaboration to deliver lasting impact in every project they undertake across every sector they work in. These findings helped us form a core purpose, a statement of intent that binds everyone together to do more and achieve more – ‘Delivering lasting impact’

The proposition truly portrays the difference the organisation makes to the world, and we’re proud to have played a key role in supporting GRAHAM achieve their mission of reaching the top quartile of industry financial performance, year on year.

Our brand identity concept was based on answering two fundamental questions - What? / Why? On one side, what have we delivered and on the other, why does it matter… what’s the lasting human impact?

This led us to a very simple but effective concept which symbolised the before and after of every Graham project and formed the basis for our brand identity and design system.

Forward momentum only, creates a more distinct visual system to position Graham as a major player. Focused on a primary colour to build a stronger brand recognition. We utilised the bright green leader of the brand identity as the key element in our design system, enabling it to flex, grow, multiply and move through any visual communication. This allows us to be creative and different through everything we do, but always distinctly Graham.

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