A global power house in the clinical trial sector.

Redefining the brand standards for a global power house in the clinical trial sector.

We have worked with ICON for ten years. Since our initial redevelopment of the ICON brand in 2006, the company has changed and grown considerably, successfully meeting key milestones across important phases of the company lifecycle. Their evolving strength and market position has been bolstered through a number of strategic aquisitions year on year that have broadened the service portfolio and added scale to existing services.

In 2015 we were appointed to completely overhaul ICON’s visual identity and it’s full suite of marketing communications. We worked with David Green, ICON’s Global Marketing Director and his team to create a robust and highly detailed visual identity guidelines system. We wanted to ensure that ICON’s marketing communications would be consistent, yet fresh and creative through all marketing channels across the world. This would drive a new era for ICON of maximising brand awareness in the highly competitive and somewhat undifferentiated CRO marketplace.


We created the 'Spotlight System' which would be used to focus on ICON insights expressed as facts, statements or headlines. Inspired by the ICON identity of four adjoined circles the 'Spotlight' enabled us to create a graphic system that would ensure visual consistency across all collateral. The system has been designed specifically to add a flexibility to ICON’s marketing collateral. It allows for fresh creative styling across many different projects but also has a distinctly ICON look and feel.

The guidelines cater for every touch-point of the ICON brand, from colour palette to photography and typography to layout grids and applications. The result is a confident brand that reflects and galvanises the strength and growth of the business on a global scale.

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