Sheeran by Lowden

Born to play.

Born out of friendship.
Driven by passion.
Determined to deliver.

Making a guitar that makes a difference - When George Lowden and Ed Sheeran got together to make a new guitar, they knew it had to break the mould of anything that was on the markeplace any where in the world. ‘Sheeran by Lowden’ was an idea based on the friendship and collaboration that had built up between the...

two over many years as George had hand made Ed’s recording and live guitars.

They shared a simple belief that an affordable guitar shouldn’t have to be of a lower quality - and if done to the same level of detail that Lowden puts into everything, that it would inspire more kids to pick up a guitar, write songs, sing, busk, vlog… whatever they want to do.

To ensure the success of the guitar when it hits the marketplace, We were asked to help build a unique brand and compelling brand story that would work in hand with Ed Sheeran’s own brand and also with Lowden Guitars existing brand.

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For every aspiring guitarist who has dipped their toe in the water but wants to go further, for the classics, the pop, the jazz and rock. For every musician that needs an affordable, world class guitar they can write a song on at home or thrash the life out of at a gig. – Just like you…this guitar is ‘Born to play.’

We built a brand system to match our creativity, innovation and voice. Our system will enables us to develop a flexible and creative platform that gives us an ability to create powerful, exciting and engaging communications that can be different every time but always distinct to our brand.







String / Fret System

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